Featured Projects


BioAdvanced is a global home and garden division of SBM Company. We performed updates and support for the company’s Acquia Cloud based Drupal commerce site and expanded Drupal functionality by employing Solr to allow faceted search functions enabling greater customer interaction.


We designed, architected and developed an iOS application to streamline cataloging of received product. Scanning the product barcode opens a camera allowing users to take multiple pictures. The images are automatically sorted to folders, which the user can then send to an internal product database via a background API.

JJ Dictation Sync

To increase the accuracy of legal notation, we developed and architected an iOS application that enabled sharing, sorting and integration of recorded deposition and hearing notes for assigned cases. Reducing the previous multi-step process into real time updating with smooth automation streamlined efficiency while mitigating errors.


To enable customer outreach in multiple areas, we created an AWS based informational site using Drupal with custom modules to inform customers about the company’s services in specified regions. Using DevOps processes allowed for automated testing and deployment of production code.


To enable customer outreach, we architected AWS based information promo sites using Drupal with custom modules for multiple site implementations to integrate various company branding requirements. This allowed customers to find qualified products, rebate information and contractor suggestions. Using DevOps processes allowed for automated testing and deployment of production code.


Enabling customer outreach, we created an AWS based information site using Drupal with custom modules to inform customers about the company’s products. Interactive functions enabled customers to search for locations, as well as recipes and meal suggestions. Using DevOps processes allowed for automated testing and deployment of production code.


This exclusive subscription is for commercial venues offering televised event viewing through DirecTV. Our AWS architecture and implementation of an e-commerce site allows subscribed bar and restaurant managers to exchange DirecTV credits toward branded business items.

PAC12 All Access

The architecture and implementation of AWS asset management repository allowed the administrator to upload team information, images and videos for the extremely popular Pac-12 events. The site employed search and download functions for member users from media outlets to access images and videos relating to uploaded teams and games.


Our Cloud architecture of the interactive promotional website for swag giveaway to promote Michelob Golden Light also allowed the company to collect shipping data of winners for prize distribution increasing marketing access and outreach.


Event camera helps customers memorialize special events. For this business, we developed an iOS application for event photography allowing easier editing of guest photos and eliminating the need for additional expensive equipment.

JJ Client Portal

For Jones Jones, a law firm that prides itself on innovation, we developed and implemented a web-based client portal enabling the law firm clients to log in and access their personal case file information and updates.


Havi is a privately-owned company dedicated to optimization and innovation of brand chain supply, packaging and promotion. Our design and development of internal and external websites advanced client interaction and outreach. Two corporate internal sites are for use by cliental and a third site is an external industry site for business prospecting.


Save A Lot  has over 850 locations throughout the United States. Our systems administration and content management services consist of customer outreach such as updates, promotions and flyers, location and product search functions, and sweepstakes. We implemented the eventual migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, as well as the later server migration from bare metal to cloud-based structure.


Designed and developed promotional social outreach website for McDonalds. Supported with content management and updates.


PrintStar strived to streamline solutions for commercial printing workflow. We developed their public facing website with a content management system, and implemented the customer website portal module for the PrintStar Print Management Solution that allowed print businesses using PrintStar to manage jobs, check order status, and access customer and order information.


Buzzirk Mobile was a cellular service provider aiming for unlimited global mobile accessibility. We designed and developed a custom e-commerce site for their mobile service and product sales, as well as developing an API for product shipment status tracking.


Sears Portrait Studios had around 800 locations with individualized customer outreach marketing needs. Our architecture and implementation of their Local Studio Marketing App consisted of an internal online brochure creation application enabling the company to establish a uniform advertising format through template based projects.

Pictorial Insertworks

Pictorial InsertWorks was a division of Pictorial Offset Corporation, the largest family-owned commercial printing company for over 78 years. We created and implemented a user management system and XML data management system for their high volume magazine insert advertisement distribution.


EPM Communications specialized in compiling data to track marketing and consumer trends into newsletters, speakers, workshops and directories. Through our custom e-commerce site and content management system, business were able to access relevant data and subscribe with payment processing, article search and purchase, and data import/export capabilities.


Parents for Megan’s Law, dba The Crime Victims Center, is a non-profit organization dedicated to victim advocacy. Megan’s Law was enacted in 1994 in New Jersey and 1996 federally requiring sex offender registration with local law enforcement and community notification of the offenders.


Synergy Solutions was a pioneer in the development of mobile device applications. Our design and development of their e-commerce website included custom solutions enabling real-time payment authorization, physical product order confirmation, and immediate digital product download capabilities.

Fox Photo

Fox Photo was a regional film development and photography equipment company with 24-hour photo processing booths and mall stores. Through our development and support of the website, customer integration features such as contest promotions and store locations increased consumer outreach.